9 Tips for Hosting a Work Party

Hosting parties for employees can be a tricky situation. You want the environment to be relaxed, yet professional. You want to have fun, and you want the employees to see that side of you, but you still need to be their boss on Monday. To help you in hosting your employee event, here are 10 tips to ensure your party goes off without any problems.

Consider Your Audience – Who works for you? Do you employ a team of recent graduates in their early 20’s? Is your staff more seasoned, in their late 40’s and 50’s? Or do you have a little bit of everything? Thinking about the two extremes, you realize that a successful event for one group may not go over so well with the other. Consider your audience and plan accordingly.

Have a Plan – You can’t just throw a party together at the last minute and expect it to work out well. You need to plan it out in advance. This includes finding the venue, setting the menu, inviting the team, preparing any statement you plan to make, and so on.

Have a Budget – Party planning can get expensive, especially for a large group. Set a realistic budget then stick to it. Within the budget determine what is mandatory, what is a priority, and what is a nice addition if you can afford it, then prioritize based on that.

 Greet Everyone – As the event begins to try to greet everyone walking in. They will appreciate it and it will take away the awkwardness of an employee feeling obligated to say “hello” but not knowing how to approach you later on.

 Food Options – If you will be serving food, make sure there are options for those with restrictions. If your team is small enough where you know everyone and their food restrictions, then this is easier, but if you don’t, then err on the side of caution and be sure you have a vegan option, at the least, and possibly a gluten-free option, as well. Beyond that, unless there are specific restrictions you know about, don’t get too crazy or you will kill the budget with needless options.

Be More Casual – Whatever you are planning, make it more casual. No one wants to go to a stuffy work party, by taking the atmosphere down a notch, people can actually enjoy themselves.

Remember Why – Remember why you are hosting this party. Is it a holiday? Did the team accomplish a big goal? Is it just because? Remember why you are hosting the party and be sure to mention it during the event.

Have Fun – No one wants to go to a party where the host looks miserable. Enjoy yourself, remind everyone you are a real person and try to get to know your team.

But Not Too Much Fun – Be careful with the alcohol and the conversations. You want to engage your team and reward them, but they are still your employees and getting into a serious conversation about your divorce or getting drunk and trying to break dance could really harm your relationship with the team.

Ultimately, hosting a work party isn’t a terribly difficult task, but it can be a source of anxiety if it’s not well planned out. But hopefully, if you follow the tips above, you will be ready to host a great work function.

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